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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

"What is a newborn wrapped mini session?" is one of the most common questions I receive from perspective clients, so I wanted to write a little thing, to this unsung hero of the Baby Buckeye lineup.

So what exactly is a wrapped mini session?

The wrapped newborn mini session is the most affordable package on the newborn package lineup. The session itself only takes one hour and baby is wrapped up snug and comfy for the entire time. This is the perfect option for those who are wanting just a handful of high quality newborn images, are needing a budget friendly option, do not have a lot of time to dedicate to a full session.

What is the age limit for these wrapped mini sessions?

8 weeks and under.

A typical newborn session is done in babies first 14 days. This is a perfect option for them! Newborns love being wrapped , to them its like. day at the spa ;)

Because baby is wrapped the entire time, this is also the perfect option for "older newborns" who may have already discovered the joys of stretching and may not want to cooperate with the traditional unwrapped newborn posing. Also these images are always a home run whether baby sleeps through the entire thing, or if they are wide eyed alert and awake as some "older newborns" are more alert and less likely to sleep through their session.

Wrapped Mini Setup and Styling

Wrapped minis are extremely versatile to style. Although baby remains wrapped, you will still get a variety out of your five image gallery. Your wrapped baby will be posed in a prop, or on the rational poser, or on a big fluffy flokati often with the outer wrapped being swapped out between location changes to keep the variety rolling. for each setup multiple shots may be taken from different angles. you pick your final five images, And you will have the option to purchase extra at ten dollars per digital image.

all props, wraps, fabrics, etc are provided by me, so the only thing you have to bring is. baby! Upon booking you will fill out a survey to let me know what colors you love (or more importantly DON'T love, so the sets and color pallet I create for you will be sure to please.

What does the package include again?

Your wrapped mini session INCLUDES five digital images available for download. you may choose to purchase additional digital downloads for ten dollars a piece. Wrapped mini sessions are just for baby. If you are wanting parent, or sibling images in your newborn session, you will need to book our "newborn plus " package.

How Much is a wrapped mini session?

All packages and pricing is on our website under pricing. you will also find pricing for other newborn packages you may choose if a newborn mini isn't for you.

When us the right time to book a wrapped mini?

As I like to say: "Whenever is clever!" Hit contact us and we can get the ball rolling and I can get your due date in my calendar to get you tentatively scheduled, or if your little was has already arrived we can get you a time slot in the coming week. Because these are short one hour sessions, these are easy to work in between other sessions, and we can make something work for you.

Sample : Wrapped image Baby in a prop.

Sample: Wrapped image Baby on the posing table

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