Preparing for your newborn session (Springfield Illinois Newborn Photographer)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Yay !! It’s time to book your newborn session!


• Please fully feed your baby right before leaving for the studio.

• Please avoid having any diaper ointment showing on baby’s skin. If you are using it regularly, please be sure to clean any off prior to your session.

• Please remove all bandaids from your baby prior to your session.

• The morning of your session, dress baby in a loose outfit that zips or snaps up the front with a loose diaper and no tight socks.

• Even if your baby doesn’t typically use a pacifier, we ask that you bring one as they serve as a wonderful distraction for the baby during the session. They are incredibly helpful in keeping your little one happy when moving from pose to pose. Please bring a SOFT pacifier, such as the Soothie brand (without the stuffed animal attached). Pacifiers with a hard outer shell leave marks on the baby’s face.


the comfort and safety of baby is paramount in every session. if baby doesn’t enjoy a certain pose or prop , we will move on to the next one . Don’t worry . We follow their lead and no matter what happens we will get you gorgeous images you will adore .

• If siblings are going to be part of the session, the best method with siblings is to have them come at the start of the session only. Toddlers especially have a difficult time sitting quietly through a newborn session. Parents find the experience much less stressful when one parent or a friend/grandparent cares for the child for most of the session and brings them to the studio for their portion only. If you need to bring your older child for the duration of the session, please plan to keep them entertained with snacks, quiet toys, books, etc.

• We do our best to keep the environment of newborn sessions very calm and peaceful. The more relaxed everyone in the room is, the more relaxed the baby will be. For us this means pulling out our baby whispering skills, for parents this means relaxing and letting the photography magic happen!

• Please do not take pictures over our shoulders during the session, except for behind the scenes shots (which we love!) if you choose to post behind the scene images on social media, please use the hashtag #babybuckeyephotography

• Expect our patience and attention to detail to rule the day. We spend the majority of a session perfecting poses, backdrops, fingers, etc. and we believe these little things are what makes the difference between a snapshot and a work of art featuring your baby. So that’s what we’ll do.


Wear cool and comfortable clothing. (We keep the studio nice and warm for baby who tend to like things a bit warmer than we do ;) ) Neutral colors and tones always photograph well. Please avoid text , logos and patterns on shirts.


• Your password protected gallery be be available 3-5 days after appointment. You will receive paperwork at end of session explaining how to retrieve your digital files Payment is due

At end of session. We accept Cash , Check , or credit card . All payments are processed using Square and you will receive a digital receipt via text or email

you will also receive information about our milestone mugshot club :)

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