The art of the (cake) SMASH (Springfield Illinois cake smash photography)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Cake smash photography is one of my favorite services offered here at baby Buckeye photography!

When a client decides they want to book a cake smash , the first thing they do is reach out to me.

from there you will receive a link to a short questionnaire so we can begin creating the perfect custom set for your little one and of course get you scheduled :)

the following is a break down of the smash session itself , with some tips on how to make it The perfect shoot :)

Step one : Contact me and fill out your paperwork.

Baby Buckeye provides all props and decorations used for your cake smash session. we do not supply the cake itself or the outfits. So once you have chosen your theme, all you have to worry about is finding the perfect outfit and cake. We will do all the rest . If you are wanting to display these photographs at their birthday party I advise we schedule a couple of weeks before their party to insure you have plenty of time to download and print your images.

Step 2: once I have all the information for your session (from the paperwork ) I can begin planning the design. This part is one of my favorites , as set design is one of my favorite things ever. I have a running list of all my upcoming sessions and always have my eyes peeled for the perfect decor. (fun fact: sometimes I even purchase items for my “cake smash bucket list but I will save that for a different post ;) )

Step 3: a few days out from your session I begin to put the elements together . It is not uncommon for me to move things around more than once to make sure it is absolutely perfect by my standards and worthy of the Baby Buckeye brand ( I may be a bit of a perfectionist)

YAY ! Smash day has arrived.

when you walk in you will finally see your fully decorated customized set. I usually start by taking the cake out of the box , placing it on a cake stand, and getting a few photos of the cake by itself . I like to do this first and before baby even notices the cake ...this is also something I can do when one parent is changing baby into their special outfit. It also gives me the opportunity to double check all lighting / equipment and settings before go time we then put it back on the table and save it for later . By now baby is camera ready and ready for some portraits .

We will start getting pictures of baby without the cake . , this portion of the smash is not only to get gorgeous portraits of baby on set before they (both ) get messy but also really helps capture their little personalities when they have to opportunity to interact with the props .

after the pre cake portraits some people choose to change the outfit again to a smash outfit. some use the same outfit for both segments . That is entirely up to you .

but now ..... it’s cake time ! let the games begin .

After the smashing will clean up baby and out her in a clean outfit . No worries we have a wet sink, baby wipes, towels and all things needed to clean up baby !

once baby is in a different outfit we will move on to the portrait portion of the session . These are basic and minimal sets that really allow us to capture baby without too many distractions. by now baby is also getting tired (being a model is a lot of hard work !) we start with the smash part first to make sure we get the highest energy and best smiles .. I find that that is the nest order , however I do not like to soeak in absolutes as there is always an exception .

And that’s a wrap ! After session we accept payment (cash check or credit card ) and do our exit paperwork. You will have your gorgeous gallery in just 3-5 days!

Some more tips for your cake smash session: ( I will edit and update these tips as I think of more FAQ)

More tips on The Cake

I do provide all the decorations and cake stands for the session but due to potential allergies, I do not supply the cake itself. we do recommend you bring a professionaly made cake as it photographs really well. we also recommend going with a whipped topping or buttercream as it is easier to dig into. avoid fondant as it can be a potential choking hazard as it is harder for baby to break up. as far as size, most bakers are familiar with a basic standard "cake smash" size and do not need too much instruction on dimensions. I personally would recommend no more than three tiers of six inch rounds, as anything larger has the potential to block baby once placed on the cake stand. Sometimes babies can be intimidated by cake if its the first time they have had the opportunity to explore those new textures. A few tricks of the trade to ensure a successful cake smash are 1) have the cake be room temperature because it's just a little less alarming for them when they touch it 2) A few days prior to the smash allow them to try small tastes of frosting or allow them to squish it in their hands so its not so new to them when they are in front of the camera and 3) bring their favorite snack along with you ..sometimes they will not go for the cake at all but if they see their favorite snack stuck on the frosting on the backside of the cake not facing the camera they will go right for it. if at first they do not want to explore the cake we will often do the "snack trick" as far as colors the more simple the better. If going for a bright cake Please avoid red or brown frosting.

be advised that some colors will stain babies skin .

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